Business in a Box

Have an idea for mobile or web app that’s sat in a drawer gathering dust but could be making you money while you sleep?

Maybe you built something for a client, or had a flash of inspiration, started something great internally but ran out of time, resource or capital?

Let us pick this up and take it to market for you on a low/no risk basis?

Our guidelines:

  • Some degree of MVP or unfinished product is fine. Any tech stack considered. But;
  • Best it's a proven business model having sold ‘something’
  • A simple sell, in a reasonable size market, and preferably cash generating within the app

What we bring to the party:

  • Proven ability to productise and raise capital
  • Design and build capability
  • Strategic international sales channel, and the people to sell it!

So, while you focus on your business, let’s generate some passive income for us both.

What do you think, worth a chat?

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