Work APPropriate

Paula Einhorn


Sometimes we need a little help when it comes to our day to day lives within the office. Whether that be in production, organising or simply in getting the mood boosted.

Luckily there's an app for that.

Between 5 of us we can tell you each our app of choice that we find assists us in our day to day office tasks.

Starting off with our creative director Johann and his choice of: Pinterest.


Contrary to popular belief - Pinterest is not just for the foodies and brides to be of the world, it is a great app and platform for many other outlets, including design and creative work. It's the perfect app for when one has a creative block, as it is a visual aid for inspiration. There are millions of boards ranging from fonts to colour palettes to breath life into your design mood boards.

It is a great tool for visual referencing when you need to get your thoughts and ideas across quickly. It also connects you and allows you to find like-minded people who you can follow, as well as assist you in keeping up with trends around the world. Leading on from there, not only is Pinterest able to assist you in viewing visuals, it is also a great platform with which you can portray your own work and designs. Our creatives - Johann and I actually use it as a useful tool to collate our work in neat and easily categorised boards. Lastly, the integration between the mobile and website is seamless with an attractive and simple interface used.

Take a look at Johann's Pinterest link here -

Next up on the list is Dan with his app: Notes.


As an iOS app, Notes has evolved immensely from its first appearance on the iPhone. As a preexisting app it is easily overlooked and in most cases underrated. Guys, can we not all agree at this point - the Apple gods know best and an app would not come prepackaged with the iPhone if it was not worthy of the gods.

Whether you are needing to update your grocery list, track your ideas from the latest brainstorm session or simply write down the name of a catchy tune - notes can keep this info for you by entry of either typing, writing or talking to your device. For the Apple lovers of the world - Notes extends itself perfectly across devices and always readily available in your dock, so your thoughts and ideas are always accessible to you. No more scrappy pieces of paper and leaky pens in your pocket - Notes is your limitless notepad and ever sharpened pencil.

The next app, Daren's choice, brings an element most people wouldn't survive in an office without - music, and the app for that? Spotify of course.


Working in a noisy office space? Debates raging all around? Music offers that sweet escape to continued productivity. For anyone who would challenge this, here's a little factual titbit:

"Dr. Lesiuk’s research focuses on how music affects workplace performance. In one study involving information technology specialists, she found that those who listened to music completed their tasks more quickly and came up with better ideas than those who didn’t, because the music improved their mood."

Music and lyrics may not be for you when you are deep into your project - but then there are always ambient sounds. Researchers have shown that a moderate noise level can get creative juices flowing, so maybe some sounds of nature or classical music to help your daily productivity. Spotify is the perfect app for this. You can set your mood, activity, genre and loads more when using it. A great benefit too is you can listen for free (if you don't mind the advertising) and there is a premium option too. We like to listen together and you can take a listen to one of our mixed team playlists HERE

Our next app, Kevin's choice, is a basic one - but aren't they always the best? This is one which Kevin cannot go a day without and that is Stacks - currency converter.


If you could judge a book by it's cover then this would definitely get a 10 out of 10 from us (and perhaps a drink). As good as it looks - it is also a super efficient app. Kevin has it on his iPhone, Macbook and Apple Watch. It applies itself perfectly to each device.

Now there are many currency converters out there which are able to do the basic "convert currencies" but Stacks does a whole lot more. For instance if you like to keep a tab on how a currency is doing, there are historical charts & graphs that you can keep an eye on. For someone like Kevin who works within sales between different countries, namely South Africa UK, this app is used many times a day in our offices. Try out the new Stacks 2.0 HERE

Now, onto my app of choice. Unfortunately, I cannot say I have kept the most exciting for last as this app is a given for most people in the office - Gmail (I know yes, yawn).


But when it comes to necessary apps for work - this one is right up there for me. It easily syncs emails and contacts into my calendar and diary, so even a scattered mind like mine can't miss a meeting. A reminder pops up in advance about meetings and within it I can view the contact, the destination and the time.

It is a neat little organiser all wrapped up into one, which I could not function without. Just another prize app from the world of Google.

So those are the apps we are loving this month and are certainly making our day to day office lives that much easier. Any you would recommend?