The tools of our trade

Paula Einhorn


Anyone who has their own company or working within a team knows how difficult managing various projects and clients can be. There are many tools and tricks out there to ease the stress and chaos based around such tasks. We have put a few of ours together which help our team be on top of all projects.

SLACK: Basically put - Slack is an instant messaging and collaboration system. Simple? Yes. But this does not compare the app/program to any else in the market.


The 3 main parts of Slack which we think are super nice (see what we did there) are:

Channels: We use the channels per project. Best part about this you can bring in the relevant team members per project for this. No need to harass others on unintended messages.

Direct Messaging: Here you are able to send a message to just one member. Within direct messaging you are also able to send any file format to other members, which can then wither be read or directly downloaded.

Integration: Probably the best part of Slack and what sets it apart from others in its field - it does not discriminate against other systems and apps. It can integrate with programs such as Trello, Mail Chimp, Twitter and most useful - Google Calendar.

Not to mention our favorite aspect - you can send Gifs! Trust us - they are awesome when trying to get your message across.

TRELLO: Talk about offering you a birds eye view of all your projects. Trello assists you in easily keeping up with work allocated to you, as well as allowing you to distribute various projects and tasks to others in your team and monitor their progress. Another great benefit of this app is how it can be linked with your Slack account too so any updates in it will certainly be seen, and the updates can even be sent to you via email.


CAPSULE: This tool is the be all and end all for any sales team. It has a nifty Bcc link you can add in when sending mails to existing and prospective clients, which automatically is sent to your appropriate file within the program. It is also a great tool to use to keep on top of your sales team and monitor what is being said and who to. Our best feature about this? It even allows a reminder to you in a few days/weeks to follow up on certain conversations. So Capsule pretty much forces the ball to stay in your hands. A nice little tidbit to add here (huge plus to those money counting heads we mentioned earlier) is that it has a flat pricing setup.


HARVEST: Let's be honest - your clients want to know where their money is being spent, especially when it comes down to an hourly rate. So monitoring your hours is a given. Then once the work is all done, the hours have been tracked, it is time to invoice and send it all off. Harvest lets you do all this in one program and send off all tied up with a neat little bow. As with Capsule, Harvest also has a flat pricing setup as well as allowing you a one month free trial.


BUFFER: So much to say, so much to share so little time allowed on social media before being seen as slacking off. Sometimes we find some great articles we have to share and so off we go onto Facebook and spread it amongst our beloved followers. We forget about Twitter, Linkedin, Google Plus (because honestly - who does remember this platform) and many more. Buffer is the perfect tool to use to keep all your posts in one basket. You can schedule, tag, post and create all your social feed within it. The user interface is very friendly and easy to use. The best feature it offers is it reminds you to keep your feed regular as well as allows you to view pending articles within each platform.


So those are our top 5 tools we use here at Supernice. There are loads out there too which we take our hats off to, but when it comes to pricing, integration and efficiency these ones come out tops!